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This page contains contact information for all the members of Project and their personal contact information. Email us, we dare you!

Alphabetical listing, by last name:

bullet Enjo, Justin
bullet Freeman, Lyndsay
bullet Howell, Dr. Brian
bullet Olday, Daniel  
bullet Oller, Rafael
bullet Nulph, Arial
bullet Wood, Dr. Stephen

Researcher Assistant

Webpage Management
Power Systems Specialist

Systems Testing Director
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Enjo, Justin

Undergraduate, OE



Research Assistant
Marketing Director


Payload Specialists

1st Lieutenant


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Freeman, Lyndsay




Undergraduate, OE
Direct Supervisor
Technical Liaison

Project Manager

Neural Technician

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Howell, Dr.Brian

PhD. Electrical Engineering, ME




Research Assistant

Control Surfaces Development

Control Systems Producer

Hull Technician

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Olday, Daniel

Undergraduate, OE



Control Systems Expert

Systems Design Supervisor

Executive of Hull Desgin

CAD Technical Expert

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                    Oller, Rafael                    Undergradute, ME



Team Captain
Fundraising Chair

Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Specialist

Payload Specialist

Mission Commander

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Nulph, Arial

Undergraduate, OE
The Man In Charge
Project Coordinator
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Wood, Dr. Stephen

Supervising Doctor

PE, PhD Ocean Engineering


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