In order to maintain a safe, organized and productive environment in the Florida Tech machine shop. All students must complete a mandatory twenty (32) hours of machine shop and cam lab training before they can enter the Machine shop. Students that do not have an access badge can only enter the Machine shop and cam lab for their scheduled training sessions or formal classes. Students cannot work on a project while training because this interferes with the training outline. A training schedule will be set at the outset. Individuals will have specific days and times to report for training. We will only allow two (2) rescheduled sessions so it is imperative that students avoid missed training sessions. The training will be scheduled within a window of no more than thirty (30) days to complete. Time spent in formal classes can be used toward the training requirement. The institution of a mandatory training policy will help eliminate the problems the shop is having with students damaging equipment and help them avoid dangerous work situations. Training will also benefit students with the designing and building of projects. At the end of the thirty hours of training a skills and written test are

Administered students must pass the test to gain shop access. Please read and sign the below agreement.


I   will follow the rules and procedures that are put forth in the shop training and all shop rules after my training is complete. I am starting

Training on Date _____________


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Section One

Is 8 Hours and is to be completed first week of Training Cycle


Shop Safety Issues & Rules                

_____      Eye Protection

_____      Foot Protection

_____      Ear Protection

_____      Dust Hazardous Fumes

_____      Hand Protection

_____      Clothing, Hair, Jewelry

_____      Heavy Lifting

_____      Horse play  

_____      Housekeeping 

_____      Handling Injuries

_____      Dust Hazardous Fumes

_____      Fires

_____      Compressed Air

_____      Material Data Safety Sheets

_____     Thermal Burns


Mechanical Hardware

_____      Tap Drill Chart

_____       Internal External Thread Forms (UNC, UNF, UNS)

_____       Identifying Dimensioning Threaded Fasteners

_____       Class of Thread Fit, Counter bores Counter Sinks, Clearance Fits

_____       Metric English Threads

_____       Threaded Inserts

_____      Washers, Pins, Retaining Rings and Keys


Reading Technical Drawings

_____        Orthographic Drawings

_____        Isometric Drawings

_____        Part & Raw Material List Bill of Material

_____        Section & Detail Views

_____        Linear Dimensions

_____        Drawing Formats

_____        Using The Decimal System, English System of Measurement

_____        Tolerances and Fits

_____        Rules for Using the F.I.T Cam Lab

_____        Computer Functions for Manufacturing
















Section Two

Is 8 Hours and is to be completed Second week of Training Cycle

Precision Measuring, Using Precision Instruments

___   Reading decimal Rules

___   Reading Vernier Scales

___   Mechanical Dial Indicators

___   Reading Micrometer and Dial Caliper Instruments

___   Angular Measuring Instruments

___   Comparison Measuring Tools

___   Height Gage

___   Care of Precision Tools


___   Basic Precision Layout Practice

___   Gage Blocks

___    Height Gage

___    Layout Dyes

___   Granite Surface Plates

___   Scribes and Dividers

___   Transfer Punching

Material Selection

___     Alloy Steel Identification System

___     Stainless Steel Identification System

___    Tool Steel Identification System

___     Fundamentals of Aluminum

___    Magnet Test

___     Scratch File Test

___     Spark Test

___     Machine ability Test

___     Nonferrous Metals

___     Rough or Over Size Material Selection

___     Florida Tech Stock Storage and Staging Area Rules

Understanding Machining Operations and Principles, Introduction to Cutting Tools

___    Speeds Feeds

___    High Speed Tool Steel, Cobalt, Carbide

___   Turning

___    End Milling

___    Face Milling

___   Sawing

___   Single and Multi Flute Tools

___   Carbide Inserts

___    Broaching

___    Surface Grinding

___    Drilling

___    Reaming

___    Boring

___    Tapping Threading

___    Cutting Fluids

___    Climb Milling Conventional Milling Theory Spring cuts

___    Deflection of Material, Tool, Machine




Section Three

Is 8 Hours and is to be completed Third week of Training Cycle


Sawing Machines

___    Saw Cutting Speeds Feeds

___     Horizontal Band Saw Operation

___     Vertical Band Saw Operation

___     Contour Band Sawing

___     Cutting Material Oversize

___     Cold Saw Operation

___     Abrasive Saw Operation

___     Saw Blade Selection

___     Installing Saw Blades

___     Safe Work Holding on the Saws


Turning Lathe Machines

___     Engine Lathe Operation of Machine Controls

___     Tool Room Lathe Operation of Machine Controls

___     Hazards In lathe Operations Turning Machine safety

___      Polishing and Filing on a Lathe

___      Tool Holding

___      Cutting Tool Geometry For the Lathe

___      Form Tools

___      Cutoff Operation

___      Chip Control

___      Sharpening Lathe Tool Bits

___     Lathe Work Holding, Three Jaw Chuck, 5c Collets and Closer, Clutch Collets, Face Plate, Mandrels

___      Turning Between Centers, Live Centers

___      Use of Steady and Follow Rest

___      Facing and Center Drilling

___       Deep hole Drilling

___       Lathe speeds and Feeds

___      Turning to size and Length

___       Boring on a Lathe

___       Internal External Grooving

___       Turning Tapers

___       Using Taps and Threading Dies on a Lathe

___       Knurling

___      Morse Tapers

___      Checking Concentricity on a Lathe
















Section Four

Is 8 Hours and is to be completed fourth week of Training Cycle


Drilling Machines

___     Drilling Speeds Feeds

___     Countersinks, counter bores, Tapping

___     Floating Parts

___     Radial drill operation

___     Mono clamping

___     Drill press safety

___     Safe Work Holding on the drill press


Vertical Milling Machines

___     Vertical milling machine safety

___     Operation of Machine Controls

___     Hazards In Milling Operations

___      Milling Vise setup

___      Tool Holding milling tooling r8 tooling

___      Cutting Tool Geometry

___      Form Tools shell mills fly cutters

___      Tapping Operations

___      Chip Control

___      Sharpening drill Bits

___      Mill Work Holding, precision vise, clamp setups, 5c milling setup, dividing heads, indexers

___      slot cutting slitting saws

___      Facing and Center Drilling

___       Deep hole Drilling peck drilling

___       Mill speeds and Feeds

___      Squaring blocks and material

___       Boring on a mill

___       Side cutting pocket milling hog milling

___       indicating on a mill

___      Edge finding wigglers

___      Hole center locating

___      Climb Milling Conventional Milling Theory purpose of spring cuts

___      CNC mill basic operation