LATITUDE                              28 03 54.88066 N

LONGITUDE                          80 37 22.21698 W

ELLIPSOID HEIGHT            -10.794 m

From I-95 exit 71 (southernmost of two the Melbourne exits), drive east on US-192 (New Haven Avenue) about 5.2 miles to the intersection of Babcock Street. Turn right (south) on Babcock and drive about 1.0 mile to University Boulevard (you'll see Florida Tech signs on both sides of the street). At University Boulevard, turn right (west) and go about 100 meters; you'll see the gymnasium on your left. Park next to the gym (so you don't get a ticket), and walk north across University Boulevard. With the seven story building on your left and the auditorium on your right you'll be heading towards the library. The second building on your right is the Link Building. The Division of Marine and Environmental Systems office is Link Building room 110, on the ground floor (past the anchor and through the double doors). My office is on the second floor, room 212.

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