Some UUV/AUV/Underwater Technology People

OCEANEXPERT OceanExpert (or the Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals) is a database, developed and maintained by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC), containing information on individuals and institutions involved in all aspects of Marine or Freshwater Research and Management. It is intended to be a tool for scientists, policy makers and anyone who needs to contact a marine or freshwater professional.



· Captain John Lambert, Programme Manager, Unmanned Undersea Vehicles, U.S. Navy

· Captain Brian Longworth, Royal Navy (ret'd), Naval Consultant

· Paul Dunn, Head of Weapons Technology and Undersea Systems, Naval Undersea Warfare Centre, U.S.

· Dr. Norman Friedman, International Naval Consultant and Author

· Dr. Edgar An, Director of Advanced Marine Systems Laboratory, Department of Ocean Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, U.S.

Dr. Tzyh-Jong Tarn, Director of the Center for Robotics and Automation, Washington University

Dr. Petko Kiriazov, Dynamics and Optimization of Controlled Mechanical Systems Department, Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.


Dr. Hugh F Durrant-Whyte, Director, Australian Centre for Field Robotics, Professor of Mechatronic Engineering, appointed 1995.


· Dr. Marc Pinto, Head of Mine Countermeasures Group, NATO SACLANT Undersea Research Centre, Italy


· Nils StØrkersen, Director of Research, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway


· Prof. David Lane, Director, Ocean Systems Laboratory, Heriot-Watt University, U.K.

· Mr. Peter Evans, Technical Manager, Maritime Mine Warfare and Countermeasures, DSTL, U.K.

· Malcolm Davis, Lecturer in Defence Studies, Joint Services Command and Staff College, U.K.

· John Wickenden, Deputy Director, Marine and Acoustics Centre, QinetiQ, U.K.

· Prof Gwyn Griffiths, Director of the Underwater Systems Laboratory of OED, Southampton Oceanographic Centre, Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton, SO14 3ZH United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 23 8059 6666

· Geraint West, Director of UKORS, Southampton Oceanographic Centre, Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton, SO14 3ZH United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 23 8059 6666    


· Dr. Régis Donati, Head of Mine Warfare Group, Service des Programmes Navals, French Navy


· Wolfgang Maier, Project Leader, German UUV R&T Programme, German Navy

· Willi Hornfeld, Director of Sales and Marketing, STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH, Germany

· Dr. Michael Klages, www, Alfred-Wegener Institute, Comparative Ecosystem Research, AUV Development & Deep Sea Gradients

· Dr. Christoph Waldman, University of Bremen, Germany


· Frank Driessen, Deputy Head, Underwater Acoustics Group, TNO-FEL, The Netherlands