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I dont think anything will change until Americans revolt and get it into their heads that they need to be informed voters instead of just listening to the paid political ads,

Republican Representative Deborah Pryce after she realized that that negative ads work

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USA - Left Wing - People and People's Rights, Environment, Conservation, Responsible Energy Usage

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Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina criticized his own party for allowing spending to increase, noting that Mr. Bush had yet to veto a single spending bill. "We're growing the government at a pace that makes Democrats look thrifty," New York Times 3/12/06

"The administration has, now, to cope with failure," William F. Buckley Jr. wrote in February. "The kernel here is the acknowledgment of defeat."

In an e-mail message to Mr. Rove on Feb. 13, Mr. Beck wrote, "I have been a loyal Republican for a long time." But he said pharmacists were "distraught that a Republican president would attack our profession."