Dr. Stephen Wood,

Professional Engineer

Ocean Engineering

Application of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Physics

into Designing Systems for use in and on the Oceans

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There stands a tower by the Atlantic side. A grey old tower, by storm and sea-waves beat. Perch'd on a cliff, beneath it yawneth wide. A lofty cavern of yore a fit retreat. For pirates galleys; altho', now, you'll meet. Nought but the seal and wild gull; from that cave. A hundred steps do upwards lead your feet. Unto a lonely chamber! -- Bold and brave. Is he who climbs that stair, all slippery from the wave. (poem GRANUAILE)  Author unknown



(AUV) Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Overview (AUV)

Autonomous Mobile Buoy

Autonomous Powered Glider


We have an operational Bluefin AUV and an un-operational Bluefin AUV for students to learn on

Click on picture to see video.


Have you seen the movie Abyss?? Well Big Geek now resides at Florida Tech - donated by Woods Holes Oceanographic Institute

(ROV) Remotely Operated Vehicles

Ocean Energy Systems

Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV)

Deep Sea Oceanographic Mooring Information System

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics

CLASSES - Ocean Engineering Curriculum at Florida Tech

OCE 1001 Introduction to Ocean Engineering

Movie 6.7 meg, Photo1, Photo2

OCE 4545 Hydroacoustics

OCE 4541 Ocean Engineering Design

OCE 2002 Introduction to Computer Applications in Ocean Science and Engineering

OCE 4561 Fundamentals of Offshore Engineering

OCE 4542 Ocean Engineering Systems Design


Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics

OCE 5542 Ocean Engineering Systems  




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