Marine Ecology, BIO 4720


Dr. R. van Woesik

12:00 - 12:50 pm (Room 130)


Labs: Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday 2-5 pm (Room 107)



1) Students must attend weekly labs and submit lab reports to Teaching Assistants.


2) Students must submit a proposal (before March 4, 2011) and a term paper (a scientific manuscript) on a research topic of choice (subject to my approval).


3) One final exam (at the end of the course).


4) All students are required to attend lectures and associated activities.





32% Laboratory reports (8 labs @ 4% each lab).
12% Two essays (6% each) based on biweekly themes (Essay on theme (i) A, B, C, and (ii)  D, E, F, or G.
36% Term paper (subdivided into two components: 6% for proposal, and 10% for final poster presentation, and 20% for the term paper).
20% Final Exam.


 We will adopt the Florida Institute of Technology grading system.




The Term Paper


The term paper will be equivalent to a scientific publication. I want students to follow the format of the international journal Coral Reefs. Information can be found at the following website, click on 'Coral Reefs instructions to authors':


or download the pdf here


The term paper should be submitted to me electronically.



Course outline


Part A. Ecological and Evolutionary Principles


Part B. Ocean Processes


Part C. Adaptation to the Ocean


Part D. Marine Populations & Ecosystems


Part E. Marine Environments


Part F. Human Impacts


Part G. Conservation & Management