Modeling for Ecology and Biology: BIO 4517 & 5517

Coral Ecology: BIO 5140 (Graduate course)

Marine Ecology (Bio 4720) (undergraduate course)



Reef corals

Robert van Woesik, Ph.D.

Director of the Institute for Research on Global Climate Change



Research Interests

My research interests are broad but ultimately linked to population ecology of scleractinian corals. Research includes the spatial and temporal assessment of coral assemblages and the application of that ecology to the management of coral reefs. My approach is often multi-disciplinary utilizing a combination of empirical and mathematical techniques. Ultimately, I am interested in understanding vital rates and key processes that underly and drive state variables on coral reefs. Most recently, I have become interested in ecological questions related to thermal stress, coral bleaching and predictive modeling of coral population trajectories under different climate-change scenarios.






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