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Summer 2014 Course


HUM 2085: Film and Television Adaptation


Day 1—“you can’t change what you are”: Adaptation in The

Vampire Diaries

Day 2—From Everyday to Extraordinary: The Diary in Teen


Day 3—“To Thrive in  a New Form”: Adapting The Hunger

Games Trilogy

Day 4—Transforming “into something new”: Catching Fire on the

Big Screen
Day 5—the perks of being an outsider

Day 6—“Those images were the world”: Adapting The Book Thief

Day 7—How to Train Your Tiger: Adaptation and Survival in Life

of Pi

Day 8—Neverending Stories?: From Fairy Tales to Modern


From Anatomy of Film Chapter 1

From Anatomy of Film Chapter 2

From Anatomy of Film, “The Science-Fiction Film”

Response 1

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Response 3

Response 4

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Sample Response

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Final Exam Review


HUM 3343: WWII in Europe through History, Literature and Film

Day 1—Framing the War: Propaganda and the WWII Film

Day 2—Film’s Coming of Age Story

Lecture Notes 2

Lecture Notes 3

Lecture Notes 4


Spring 2014 Courses


HUM 2052: Civilization II

Syllabus—11 am

Syllabus—1 pm

Day 1—Renaissance

Day 2—Machiavelli

Day 3—Montaigne

Day 4—Don Quixote

Day 5—Don Quixote

Day 6—The Modern State

Day 7—Enlightenment

Day 8—Candide

Day 9—Feminisms  

Day 10—French Revolution

Day 11—Frankenstein

Day 12—Frankenstein

Day 13—Revolutionary Ideologies

Day 14—On Social Revolutions

Day 15—Notes from Underground

Day 16—Modernisms

Day 17—Heart of Darkness

Day 18—Freud, Valery, and Spengler

Day 19—Six Characters in Search of an Author

Day 20—The Twentieth Century

Day 21—Slaughterhouse-Five

Day 22—Slaughterhouse-Five

Day 23—Borges

Day 24—Borges

Presentations—11 am

Presentations—1 pm

Response 1

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Response 3

Response 4

Midterm Exam Review

Midterm Exam Extra Credit

Final Essay

Final Exam Review

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HUM 3085: Television and Popular Culture


Day 1—Pleasantville
Day 2—To the Moon: Sitcoms

Day 3—“We’re here to say goodbye to a cherished friend”: The

Cosby Show

Day 4—Making and Unmaking Meaning in Television Narrative:

From I Love Lucy to Modern Family

Day 5—Television Narrative

Day 6—Identity Politics and TV

Day 7—Mainstream and Margin: The Glee Project

Day 8—Dungeons, Dragons, and Cinematography

Day 9—Forensic Television: The Case of CSI

Day 10—Crashing: The X-Files and Roswell

Day 11—Welcome to the Hellmouth: Postmodernism and Buffy

Day 12—I’ll Never Forget: The Tie that Binds Buffy and Angel

Day 13—Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends: Six Feet


Day 14—“Turtles All the Way Down”: Awake

Day 15—“All Magic Comes with a Price”: Once Upon a Time

Day 16—A Shiny, New World: The Firefly/Serenityverse

Abbott, “‘Can’t Stop the Signal’: The Resurrection/Regeneration

of Serenity

Response 1

Response 2
Response 3

Response 4

Response 5

Response 6

Response 7

Response 8

Response 9

Response 10 (Extra Credit)

Pitch Assignment

Midterm Exam

Final Project

Final Exam Review


HUM 3905: Junior Seminar in the Humanities


Prometheus in Hesiod’s Theogony

Introduction to Hesiod’s Works and Days

Prometheus and Pandora in Hesiod’s Works and Days

Prometheus in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound

Introduction to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Selections from Rhodes’ Visions of Technology

Day 1—Deconstructing the Modern Prometheus: The Case of

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Hustis, “Responsible Creativity”

Hellsten, “Dolly: Scientific Breakthrough or Frankenstein’s


Jerng, “Giving Form to Life”

Shaddox, “Generic Considerations in Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go”

Eatough, “The Time that Remains”

Carroll, “Imitations of life”

Pandey, “‘Cloning Words’”

Toker and Chertoff, “Reader Response and the Recycling of Topoi

in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go”

Day 2—The Clone Wars: Bay’s The Island vs. Ishiguro’s Never

Let Me Go

Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical

Day 3—Remapping: From Almost Human to Cormac McCarthy’s

The Road

Day 4—From Fringe Science to Fringe Television

Day 5—Reclaiming Humanity: Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy

Response 1

Response 2

Research Topic and Thesis

Research Plan and Outline

Final Paper


Fall 2013 Courses


HUM 2051: Civilization I


Day 1—Ancient Near East

Day 2—Hebrew Bible

Day 3—Hebrew Bible

Day 4—The Iliad

Day 5—The Iliad

Day 6—The Odyssey

Day 7—The Odyssey

Day 8—The Odyssey

Day 9—Agamemnon

Day 10—Agamemnon

Day 11—Back to the Polis

Day 12—Lysistrata

Day 13—To the Cave

Day 14—Transitions
Day 15—Establishing the Republic

Day 16—The Aeneid

Day 17—The Aeneid

Day 18—The Aeneid

Day 19—The Bible

Day 20—Beowulf

Day 21—Beowulf

Day 22—Inferno
Day 23—Inferno

Day 24—Inferno  

Presentation Schedule

Response 1

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Response 3

Midterm Review

Midterm Extra Credit
Final Essay

Beowulf Quotations

Grendel Reading Guide

Works Cited

Final Exam Review


HUM 3280: Narrative Film


Day 1—Film and Historiography

Day 2—Early Cinema
Day 3—Man vs. the Machine

Day 4—The Man and the Myth

Day 5—Isolationism to Activism
Day 6—Filming Space and Time

Day 7—Dream-making

Day 8—The Evolution of Sound

Day 9—Hitchcock Presents

Day 10—Westerns and Crime Films

Day 11—From Me to X

Day 12—American Beauty, the American Dream, and the Real

Day 13—Memory and Identity

Day 14—Crashing and Rebuilding

Day 15—A Return to Old Hollywood

Film Response 1

Film Response 2

Film Response 3

Film Response 4

Film Response 5

Film Response 6

Film Response 7

Film Response 8
Film Response 9

Film Response 10

Film Response 11

Film Response 12

Film Response 13

Film Response 14

Midterm Exam

Final Exam Review


COM 1102: Writing about Literature


Revised syllabus—Crofton class

Bloom, “By-and-by”

Aldiss, “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long”

Atwood, “Happy Endings”

Jarman, “Ground Swell”

Hughes, “Formula”

Auburn, Proof

Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Schedule

MLA Format

Essay 1

Essay 2

Essay 2—Crofton class

Writing Response 3: Drama—Crofton class

Essay 3


Summer 2013 Course


HUM 2085: Film and Television Adaptations


Maria Tatar, “Why Fairy Tales Matter”

Jack Zipes, Introduction to Peter Pan

Day 1—Peter Pan and Fairy Tales

Day 2—Who’s the Fairest?: Adapting Snow White

Day 3—Grimm Revisions: Adaptations and Retellings

Day 4—Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood: The Brothers Grimm and Stranger Danger

Day 5—“Tale as old as time” or I’d Rather Not Be Your Guest

Day 6—“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”: Black Swan and the Anti-Fairy Tale

Day 7—An “interesting mash-up”: A Cinder for a Brave New World

Day 8—The Sense of an Ending: Pan’s Labyrinth

Response 1
Response 2

Response 3
Response 4

Response 5
Final Exam Review


Summer 2013 Lecture


Lifelong Scholar Society

Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland: Imagineering Florida Culture