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School of Arts and Communication

626 Crawford

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Fall 2014 Courses


HUM 2051: Civilization I

Syllabus (Norton 9th edition)

Syllabus (Norton 8th edition)

Day 1—Civilization and Its Discontents

Day 2—Hebrew Bible

Day 3—Hebrew Bible

Day 4—Iliad

Day 5—Iliad


HUM 3280: Narrative Film


Day 1—Film and Historiography

Day 2—Early Cinema

Response 1—Sherlock Jr.

Response 2—Modern Times


Summer 2014 Course


HUM 2085: Film and Television Adaptation


Day 1—“you can’t change what you are”: Adaptation in The

Vampire Diaries

Day 2—From Everyday to Extraordinary: The Diary in Teen


Day 3—“To Thrive in  a New Form”: Adapting The Hunger

Games Trilogy

Day 4—Transforming “into something new”: Catching Fire on the

Big Screen
Day 5—the perks of being an outsider

Day 6—“Those images were the world”: Adapting The Book Thief

Day 7—How to Train Your Tiger: Adaptation and Survival in Life

of Pi

Day 8—Neverending Stories?: From Fairy Tales to Modern


From Anatomy of Film Chapter 1

From Anatomy of Film Chapter 2

From Anatomy of Film, “The Science-Fiction Film”

Response 1

Response 2

Response 3

Response 4

MLA Format

Final Exam Review