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Fall 2014 Courses


HUM 2051: Civilization I

Syllabus (Norton 9th edition)

Syllabus (Norton 8th edition)

Day 1—Civilization and Its Discontents

Day 2—Hebrew Bible

Day 3—Hebrew Bible

Day 4—Iliad

Day 5—Iliad

Day 6—Odyssey  
Day 7—Odyssey

Day 8—Odyssey

Day 9—Agamemnon  

Day 10—Agamemnon

Day 11—Back to the Polis

Day 12—Lysistrata

Day 13—Plato

Day 14—Hellenistic Age

Day 15—Establishing the Republic

Response 1

Response 2

Sample Response

Presentation Schedule

MLA Format

Plato, The Apology of Socrates

Plato, from The Republic

Midterm Exam Review


HUM 3280: Narrative Film


Day 1—Film and Historiography

Day 2—Early Cinema

Day 3—Man vs. the Machine

Day 4—The Man and the Myth

Day 5—Isolationism to Activism

Day 6—Dream-making

Day 7—Filming Space and Time

Day 8—The Evolution of Sound

Day 9—Hitchcock Presents

Day 10—Westerns and Crime Films

Response 1—Sherlock Jr.

Response 2—Modern Times

Response 3—Citizen Kane

Response 4—Casablanca

Response 5—The Maltese Falcon

Response 6—Singin’ in the Rain

Response 7—Rear Window

Response 8—The Searchers

Response 9—The Godfather

Midterm Exam


Summer 2014 Course


HUM 2085: Film and Television Adaptation


Day 1—“you can’t change what you are”: Adaptation in The

Vampire Diaries

Day 2—From Everyday to Extraordinary: The Diary in Teen


Day 3—“To Thrive in  a New Form”: Adapting The Hunger

Games Trilogy

Day 4—Transforming “into something new”: Catching Fire on the

Big Screen
Day 5—the perks of being an outsider

Day 6—“Those images were the world”: Adapting The Book Thief

Day 7—How to Train Your Tiger: Adaptation and Survival in Life

of Pi

Day 8—Neverending Stories?: From Fairy Tales to Modern


From Anatomy of Film Chapter 1

From Anatomy of Film Chapter 2

From Anatomy of Film, “The Science-Fiction Film”

Response 1

Response 2

Response 3

Response 4

MLA Format

Final Exam Review