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Welcome to my home page at the Florida Institute of Technology! On these pages you'll find an overview of my current research projects, my schedule of classes and office hours, and some biographical information about me. If you like a more formal approach, you may also look at my official faculty profile on the FIT site.

If you are a student who is interested in experimental high energy and particle physics, especially if you are considering graduate studies in high energy physics, please contact me at hohlmann@fit.edu or call me. I'll be happy to talk with you about your opportunities with our Florida Tech HEP group. 



There is a lot more information on my research projects at the

High Energy Physics Research Group at Florida Tech


Who we were:

(2009) Back: Alfred Menendez, Marcus Hohlmann, Amilkar Quintero, Mike Abercrombie, Patrick Ford, Judson (Ben) Locke, Kondo Gnanvo. Front: Andrea Citati, Samir Guragain, Johanna-Laina Fischer, Xenia Fave, Himali Kalakhety.


Who we had been:

(ca. 2004) - from left to right: Dr. Laszlo Baksay, undergrad Logan Soya, research associate Dr. Lee Caraway, grad student Marion Ripert, undergrads Ben Pepper, Thomas Moschoutis, Sara Walker, Jeremy Janney, Julie Slanker, Rob Damadeo, Georgia Karagiorgi, grad students Klaus Dehmelt and Gyöngyi Baksay, Florian Plentinger (visiting from TU München), MH. (Missing are undergrads Tomasz Alemany, Mark Cram, and David Dickey.


A little "Prehistory" of High Energy Physics at Florida Tech (formerly BEC)

(All pictures and main text below are quoted from "Florida Institute of Technology - The College History Edition" by Gordon Patterson. Thanks for letting me use these here, Gordon !))


""Oppi" at FIT !

J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton, is pictured here concluding his 1965 lecture on Niels Bohr.  Oppenheimer was one of a number of distinguished scientists who took part in the BEC Science Seminar. (Courtesy of University Publications.)


Our own accelerator on campus...

General Electric's donation of a $150,000 linear accelerator gave a boost to the BEC's research program in September 1965.  Pictured here is the accelerator's arrival on campus.  Jerry Keuper, left, and an unidentified GE official, right, are preparing to unload the acclerator.  (Courtesy of University Publications.)


... back when they (incorrectly) called them "atom smashers"

The Orlando Sentinel's cartoonist used the "atom smasher" to summarize BEC's accomplishments.  In 1965, BEC's board of trustees authorized a $700,000-plus building campaign for the campus.  Funds from the campaign would be used for dormitories, laboratories, and classrooms.  (Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel.)



Home page for Marcus Hohlmann. All credit for the layout goes to physics undergraduate Jeremy Janney. Thanks, Jeremy !