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General information and background on renewable energy, energy in general, and other miscellaneous topics such as geodesy, lightning, and weather.

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Check "What's New" at the website log.   Check "What's Happening" with the Florida Tech Renewable Energy blog.    See RE project plans and status.

A few recent major updates are below:

         Concept of an Amphitheater for Florida Tech;  Direct to the PowerPoint presentation. It now is complete and called the "Pantherium"! Many concerts and other events have been held here. Thank you to Mr. John Stack for funding the construction.

                 Florida Tech can strive for a greener or more sustainable campus by emulating some other universities.

                 Started a page on solar concentrators here.  See a proposed solar concentrator in PowerPoint here or in html here. This concentrator would be converted from an existing C-Band satellite antenna reflector.

               Electric boat races as an ocean engineering student project in PowerPoint.



              This Hurricane Jeanne windspeed plot shows one-minute sustained speeds. I had moved the anemometer from the turbine mast to the tower on the Friday before the storm struck. The anemometer stays on the tower while the wind turbine may be lowered. Normally, the wind speed is what is striking the wind turbine.

           The Botanical Gardens waterwheel has been installed to demonstrate hydropower at a small scale for university students and as an outreach to local elementary and high school students. See the PowerPoint slide presentation. (The original concept is here.)  Here's a teachers' guide for using the waterwheel as a field trip experiment.

              "Toot", the electric boat, which usually is charged with solar power

              I designed the Wind/Solar Energy and Meteorological Field Station, FS-1, to capture indications of available renewable energy and associated weather data.

The system records data in a Campbell Scientific, Inc. datalogger for analysis and realtime display. The system is also designed to present a renewable energy show at local schools or public events.

The small TV is showing a DVD on wind energy in this photo. A laptop computer provides slideshow capability and midi music. Equipment is moved into the trailer as required to support various tasks.

The sound system can produce 340 watts peak power for support of solar-powered musical events. This system was deconstructed to rebuild the wooden case and its future is uncertain.

        A similar wind and solar instrumentation site is installed on Roberts Hall. This building is eight stories including the elevator room, and holds the wind turbine hub at 103 feet above ground. The anemometer is installed on the northeast side of the red & white WFIT radio tower at the same turbine hub level. When the roof was redone, the PV and wind turbine were removed. No further plans at present.

Renewable Energy (General)

            A Quick Introduction to Renewable Energy (perhaps 30 minutes; .ppt)

Conservation and Efficiency (General)

This link leads to Renewable Energy pages not directly involving my course (see below)

ENS4300 Renewable Energy Course, ~Spring 2011 at Florida Tech;

The course material will be updated for Spring 2011.

This page was modified for the Spring 2004 semester for use with a different text by Godfrey Boyle, Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future.  The 1996 (rather different) edition is now out of print but still available from Internet stores. The new second edition has been used since the Spring Semester of 2005.

This is a major content area for students, instructors, and renewable energy advocates with presentations on many energy topics. I've made this area generally available to the public for teachers to use, crediting me. The course, of course, consists of much classroom interaction, quizzes, exams, guest speakers, etc., and thus goes well beyond these presentations. I retain all copyrights.

An Introduction to Renewable Energy in PowerPoint intended for the general public and school students as well. The html version may be faster to download.

  Grants support the various renewable energy projects to support new advances or to maintain and operate the equipment. Here's the final report of the 2006 FSEC grant effort.


  Wind Energy                

         Sea Breeze Energy

  Experimental Turbines, etc.
  Wind Solar Study
  Roberts Hall Energy and Meteorology Data
  A Proposed Student Wind Energy Competition

        Solar Energy This basic presentation introduces solar energy and its applications

The Link Building PV Project by the 2003 Renewable Energy class (ENS4300) students proposed a 3000 watt photovoltaic array interconnected to the utility grid for energy savings, but primarily for an educational outreach to elementary and high school students (PowerPoint version).  This cost of modifying the flat Link roof exceeded the cost of the system, and the FSEC grant of $25,000 was regretfully declined. Fortunately, Dr. Sharaf-Eldeen was able to get the grant for the Olin Engineering Center; see below . . .

  The 2004 Olin Engineering Center PV Project by Dr. Sharaf-Eldeen of Mechanical Engineering installed a 4800 watt photovoltaic array interconnected to the building utility power system. There will be energy savings, but it will be primarily an educational outreach to students.

          Hydropower  An introduction from the course

              A  demonstration water wheel project was installed June 3, 2004 in the Florida Tech Botanical Gardens

It now generates limited electricity for a demonstration sign with an interactive display. This is a difficult location with greatly fluctuating water flow.

          Wave and Tidal Energy  An introduction to the subject

Conventional Fuels, Resources, and Prices   

Hydrogen, an energy carrier, not a source (incomplete). There are no hydrogen wells!

     Student Presentation: Ms. Heather Sommers, "Algae Cultures to Biofuels", 4/2007. This excellent presentation discusses the use of microalgae as a CO2 absorber with biofuel production.

Energy in General

  Energy Costs

  Energy in Other Countries

 Bruce Thomson's "Convince Sheet" titled "The Oil Crash and You"

  Renewable Energy Employment Opportunities

 Energy Events -- Featuring Renewable or Sustainable Energy Fairs & Florida Energy Fairs. These are primarily renewable energy fairs, expos, etc., but may include some "Green" living fairs if there is a significant energy-related component.

                The Green Campus Group held the First Annual Solar Music Fair on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2005 at Florida Tech! This also used wind power. (map)

The Second Annual Florida Solar Music Fair was held in April, 2006.

The Third Annual Florida Solar Music Fair was held, Sunday, April 15, 2007 at Florida Tech! Unfortunately, heavy rain caused the fair to be moved inside Clemente Center, and solar power wasn't used. There were about four bands.

                Florida Tech Local Energy-Related Events


FPL Utility Fuel Source Mix

Links to Other Renewable Energy Sites


          About DMES and its programs
The Department of Marine and Environmental Systems at Florida Tech

Kinetic Wind Art     Large art sculptures driven by the wind

 Some public service info about AD      Includes contact information/numbers

 Concept of a Band Organ for Florida Tech;  Direct to the PowerPoint  concept presentation --- this project will provide a unique addition to outdoor events.

Some details of the band organ project so far.

Geodesy -- Earth's size and shape

Lightning avoidance for outdoor activities. Florida-dwellers should especially be aware of the hazards and how to avoid them.

   Links and lists of them

A pizza shopping link for hungry Florida Tech students. Occasionally updated.

   Favorite Weather Links with an emphasis on wind energy

   Past Issues and Events

         Concept of an Amphitheater for Florida Tech;  Direct to the PowerPoint presentation --- the "Pantherium" now has been used many times for jazz concerts and other student entertainment.


  Please donate to our renewable energy efforts. See our "Wish List" for details. We are grateful to our donors for support of the renewable energy program.

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