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Welcome to my web page all about visions of the future and technology in general. Please check out these technology related topics:

Space and Astronomy
Genetic Engineering
Another futurist's homepage on Transhumanism

Don Quail
"Don Quail" - The author at Cape Canaveral Air Station with the Quail B-52 air decoy.
Here I am in my cleanroom bunnysuit.

On this page I will post my latest ideas, information and research on a variety of science and technology subjects.

An application of future technology

Why we need cheaper access to space

Other interests of mine include computer sports gaming and radio control hobbies.

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I am currently looking for employment in the space industry. I am a graduate student working on a master's degree in space systems at the Florida Institute of Technology. If you are interested in employing someone with a genuine interest in space exploration please review my resume and contact me. My resume