A Survey of the State of Testing in the Open Source Community

Casey Doran

A talk at the 2013 Workshop On Teaching Software Testing.


This talk will present the results of a survey of many top open source projects. This study was conducted with an eye towards identifying real-world software for use as Software Under Test (SUT) in both lab environments (developing reference implementations of HiVAT testing tools), and classroom environments (lecture demonstration and homework or examination assignments in a testing or software engineering course).

To this end, a grading system was developed around such features as a) the quality and testability of a project's code, b) the availability of existing unit tests, c) whether the project uses regression tests as part of an automated acceptance procedure, and d) whether the project exposes an automation API, which could be useful in "long sequence"-style HiVAT.

A complete list of surveyed OSS projects, including researcher notes, important project URLs, and other collected data will be provided to WTST participants.

The Slides

... can be found here.

The Grading Scale

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The Gradebook

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