The Argument of Mathematics, edited by Andrew Aberdein and Ian J. Dove, under contract with Springer.

Foundational questions and the status of proof have long been central to philosophy of mathematics, although mathematicians do a lot more than just prove results. However, most mathematical practice may still be understood in terms of argument. Thus philosophy of mathematics needs an account of argument. Argumentation theory seems like a good place to look. The intersection of the two, although largely unexplored, has the potential to be hugely fruitful. This book will bring together important pioneering work from a variety of sources with newly commissioned articles to provide an overview of the topic.

Information for Authors


The volume will be edited in LaTeX, using the SVmult article class. The latest version can be found here. If you are unable to use LaTeX, please contact one of the editors to discuss alternatives.

The same editors previously produced a special issue of Foundations of Science, 14(1-2), 2009. Final drafts of the papers are available here.

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