SEAS 2014

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Saturday, March 29

CS2: Numerical Analysis

Room: Crawford 404

Dr. Jian Du
Florida Institute of Technology
9:30am-9:50am Optimizing snake locomotion on inclined planes     Abstract
Xiaolin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology
9:50am-10:10am Stable, recursive and fast algorithms for DCT I-IV and DST I-IV having orthogonal factors.     Abstract
Sirani M. Perera, Daytona State College
10:10am-10:30am Unstable behavior of numerical solutions of nonlinear PDE in Fluidization Model     Abstract
Muhammad Shabeer, Quinnipiac University
10:30am-10:50am One analytical-numerical method for solving integral equations     Abstract
Alayi Raheleh, Azad University
10:50am-11:10am A higher-order Robert-Asselin type time filter.     Abstract
Yong Li, University of Pittsburgh

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